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Hockey Eurotour 2006/2007

Hockey Eurotour 2006/2007 consisted of 4 tournaments. Teams that took 1st and 2nd places played 2 final matches for the first place, and those who took 3rd and 4th places played 2 matches for the third place.

General table


Ceska Poyishtevna Cup

Vyacheslav Bykov made his debut with victory as head coach of the Russian national team . In a match in Linkoping, the Russian team defeated the Swedish Olympic hockey champions. In the main time of the match, a draw 3: 3 was recorded, and in the series of shootouts , the Russians were more accurate. The main hero of the match was the captain of Kazan “ Ak BarsAlexei Morozov , who scored a double. The Czech team defeated the Finnish team in shootouts. The main time of the match and overtime ended in a draw with a score of 1: 1. Thus, after the first day, Russians and Czechs with 2 points led the standings of the first Eurotour 2006/2007 tournament. The teams of Sweden and Finland are in second place with one point in their assets. [1] [2]

In the 2nd round, the Russian team won a strong-willed victory over the Finnish team - 4: 3. Throughout almost the entire meeting, the Russian team was losing, and managed to achieve victory only at the end of the meeting. At the 55th minute, Tyurin evened the score, and only 30 seconds later Anton Bout scored the winning goal from Alexey Morozov's pass. The Swedish national team beat the Czech team with a score of 4: 2. In the first period, the spectators did not see the abandoned ones, but the next two Swedish hockey players won with the same score 2: 1. The last, fourth, the puck, the Swede Martensson scored already in an empty net. After the second round, the Russian team continued to lead with five points, Sweden came out in second place with four, the Czechs took third place with two points, and the Finnish national team finished four with one point. [3] [4]

In the third final match of the first stage of the Eurotour, the Russian team beat the Czech team with a score of 4: 3 and became the winner of the Ceske Poyistevna Cup, having won the first trophy under the leadership of Vyacheslav Bykov . The Russians led the score 3: 1 towards the beginning of the final period: the opponents answered with the only accurate throw to the pucks of Alexander Popov, Denis Tyurin and Alexei Simakov. In the final segment of the match, the hosts of the tournament twice hit the goal of Alexander Eremenko . But, thanks to the puck, abandoned by Vitaly Proshkin in the 53rd minute of the game, the Czech hockey players failed to equalize. The Swedish national team lost to the Finnish team with a score of 2: 3, thanks to Beckstrom's abandoned puck in the third period. [5] [6] [7]

In three matches, the team of Vyacheslav Bykov achieved three victories and scored 8 points. The Finnish team took the second place in the tournament, the Swedish team took the third place: these teams have 4 points. The Czech team with 2 points scored remained in last place. At the České Poyistevny tournament, the Russians won only once - in 2002 .

August 31 , 2006
Czech2-1 (shootouts) Finland
Marek (51.19)
Burger (65.00, decisive bullet)
GoalsAalto (Pesonen, 50.42, b.)
Liberec .
Judge: Polyakov ( Russia )
August 31 , 2006
Sweden3-4 (shootouts) Russia
Davidsson (Johansson, Hannula, 2.33)
Strelman (C. Jensson, 17.39, b.)
C. Jensson (Strelman, Emval, 38.39, b.)
GoalsZinoviev (Proshkin, 15.25)
Morozov (Booth, 19.35, b.)
Morozov (Nikulin, 41.15, b.)
Morozov (65.00, decisive bullet)
Linkoping . Cloetta Center
Judge: Rennes ( Finland )
September 2 , 2006
Finland3-4 Russia
Pesonen (Kontiola, 5.28)
Valtonen (Kuusela, Lepisto, 26.37)
Pesonen (Kontiola, 39.12, b.)
GoalsKuryanov (Tyurin, 22.15)
Bykov (Kuryanov, 34.07)
Tyurin (Simakov, Bykov, 54.50, b.)
Booth (Morozov, Nikulin, 55.20, b.)
Liberec . Tipsport Arena
Judge: Minar ( Czech Republic )
September 2 , 2006
Czech2-4 Sweden
Davidsson (G.Johnsson, Petrasek, 32.50, b.)
Marek (Sikora, 44.18)
GoalsMensson (Berkvist, 29.00, b.)
Slurry (Lash, Skukhravy, 36.59)
Holmquist (Petrasek, 53.40, b.)
Mertensson (59.40, b.)
Liberec . Tipsport Arena
September 3 , 2006
Sweden2-3 Finland
Petersson (Emwall, 10.01)
Backstrom (Johansson, 49.20, b.)
GoalsKuusela (Kivenmyaki, 3.01, b.)
Laamanen (15.45)
Nurmi (Aalto, 27.24)
Liberec . Tipsport Arena
September 3 , 2006
Czech3-4 Russia
Zib (Glinka, Magra, 38.37, b.)
Marek (Glinka, Zib, 45.03, b.)
Burger (Irgl, Gubachek, 53.15)
GoalsPopov (Koltsov, Kuryanov, 16.21, b.)
Tyurin (Koltsov, 28.27)
Simakov (Nikulin, 37.08, m.)
Proshkin (Booth, 52.26, b.)
Liberec . Tipsport Arena.
Judge: Andersson ( Sweden )


  • Best goalkeeper - Sinuhe Ullingheimo (Finland)
  • Best quarterback - Radek Gamr (Czech Republic)
  • The best forward - Anton Kuryanov (Russia)
  • Top scorer - Alexey Morozov (Russia)
  • The most valuable player - Alexey Morozov 5 (3 + 2) points

Karjala Cup

The composition of the Russian team at the second tournament of the Eurotour in Finland was announced on October 30 [8] . Vyacheslav Bykov named the names of 25 hockey players, including 2 goalkeepers, 10 defenders and 13 forwards. The largest representation was given to Yaroslavl Lokomotiv (4 players). Yevgeny Varlamov, defender of Magnitogorsk Metallurg, was appointed captain of the national team [9] . Traditionally, one of the matches of the Karjala Cup has been taken out of Finland . This time it was the game Czech Republic - Sweden, which took place on November 9 in Prague .

In the opening match, the hosts of the tournament played with the Russian team. The previous 10 matches with the Finns at Karjala Kap ended in 10 defeats for the Russians [10] , while Finland won nine times in its tournament. Meanwhile, incorrect data on the coaching team of the Russian national team were published on the official website of the Finnish Hockey Federation, who called Krikunov the head coach, and Mikhailov and Yurzinov his assistants.

In the first period of the match against Finland, Russian hockey players managed to score two goals - Andrei Kuteikin and Ivan Nepryaev scored. However, between these goals, in the 7th minute, Artyukhin took Yari Viukhola to the knee and the Finnish center forward was taken from the platform by the arms. Arbitrators punished the player with a match penalty, and the incident was parsed at a special meeting [11] , as a result of which the player was disqualified for two games. [12] The owners of the ice spent the second period much more actively, and as a result they managed to equalize the score. Goals scored by Janne Niskala and Es Pirnes. But in the third period, Peter Happy, throwing an uncomfortable hand, scored the third and winning puck. In another match, the Czech national team beat Sweden 5-4. Thus, the Russian team increased the gap in the overall standings of the Eurotour. Russia scored 11 points, while the Czech team that took second place had only 5 points. The national teams of Finland and Sweden - 4 points each.

November 9 , 2006
Czech5-4 Sweden
Cech (Guml, 24:20, b.)
Glinka (Guml, Sikora, 37:14)
Brendl (Glinka, Sikora, 40:34, b.)
Shimanek (Divichek, 53:32)
Varada (Scoogravi, 56:18)
GoalsNordgren (Davidsson, Jonsson, 34:17)
Elvestad (Headstrom, Wallin, 37:46)
Strolman (59:32, b.)
Sandstrom (59:47, b.)
November 9 , 2006
Finland2-3 Russia
Niskala (Pirnes, Kallio, 25:41, b.)
Pirnes (Pieriala, Kiprusoff, 27:42, b.)
GoalsKuteikin (Grebeshkov, Vorobyov, 1:41, b.)
Nepryaev (Kondratyev, 13:14)
Happy (Vorobyov, 42:06)
Helsinki Hartwall Arena.
November 11 , 2006
Russia5-4 Sweden
Volkov (Shishkanov, 39:30)
Shishkanov (Nepryaev, 42:06)
Grebeshkov (Happy, Vorobyov, 47:06)
Happy (Skates, 50:24)
Nepryaev (Volkov, Shishkanov, 50:38)
GoalsJohansson (Davidson, 16:31, b.)
Steen (Elvestad, 37:56)
Davidsson (Jensson, Hallberg, 46:16, b.)
Monsson (Johansson, Ericsson, 51:09)
November 11 , 2006
Finland2-1 Czech
Straka (Varada, Sikora, 59:56, b.).GoalsBergenheim (Niemi, Pakaslahti, 36:10, b.)
Kontiola (Rita, 50:58)
November 12 , 2006
Czech2-3 (shootouts) Russia
Caslav (7.58),
Guml (Caslav, 50.21)
GoalsKharitonov (Antipov, Leshchev, 40.27, b.)
Happy (Vorobyov, Kondratyev, 58.04)
Kulemin (65.00, decisive bullet)
November 12 , 2006
Finland0-1 Sweden
GoalsDavidsson (Tarnstrom, Headstrom, 22:39)


  • Best goalkeeper - Sinuhe Wallinheimo (Finland)
  • Best quarterback - Magnus Johansson (Sweden)
  • Best Forward - Peter Happy (Russia)
  • The best scorer - Peter Happy (Russia)Valdengo


    Valdengo ( ital. Valdengo ) - a commune in Italy , is located in the Piedmont region , in the province of Biella .

    Castello valdengo.jpg
    lign=top>GoalsMarek (Caslav, 16.48)
    Gorzhava (Mikeska, 26.56)
    Crowpe (Philip, 36.32)
    Marek (37.39, b.)
    Straka (Szymanek, 55.09)
    Moscow. "Ice Palace of Sports on the Khodynsky field." 4000 spectators.
    December 16 , 2006
    Russia3-0 Finland
    Happy (35.12, m.)
    Nikulin (Proshkin, Leshchev, 47.06)
    3: 0 Morozov (Zaripov, Leshchev, 59.00, b.)
    Moscow. "Arena on Khodynka." 13,000 spectators.
    December 17 , 2006
    Finland2-1 Sweden
    Hirschowitz (Karalahti, Cederholm, 12.44, b.)
    Pesonen (Pyueryalya, 39.35)
    GoalsOckerman (Lindstrom, Ledin, 31.10, b.)
    Moscow. "Arena on Khodynka." 7000 viewers.
    December 17 , 2006
    Russia4-1 Czech
    Happy (Atyushov, Volkov, 21.25)
    Morozov (Zaripov, 32.44, b.)
    3: 0 Kulemin (Konkov, Nepryaev, 45.19)
    Morozov (Leshchev, Proshkin, 49.50, b.)
    GoalsPoor Bednage (51.24, b.)
    Moscow. "Arena on Khodynka." 14,000 spectators.


    • The best goalkeeper - Vasily Koshechkin (Russia)
    • Best quarterback - Johan Ockerman (Sweden)
    • Best Forward - Janne Pesonen (Finland)
    • Top scorer - Jan Marek (Czech Republic) - 4 (3 + 1)
    • Best player - Peter Happy (Russia)

    LG Hockey Games

    February 8 , 2007
    Russia4: 3 OT Finland
    Nikulin (Antipov, 42.50, b.)
    Kaygorodov (Mozyakin, Koltsov, 43.59, b.)
    Volkov (Kaygorodov, Simakov, 51.44)
    Kuryanov (Mozyakin, Koltsov, 64.27)
    GoalsHentunen (Aalto, Kukhta, 10.37, b.)
    Hirschowitz (Rita, Bergenheim, 22.42)
    Hirschowitz (Aalto, Bergenheim, 25.54)
    February 8 , 2007
    Sweden6: 1 Czech
    Hallberg (Davidsson, Bremberg, 12.14)
    Wallin (Berglund, Eckerman, 16.32)
    Ulvestad (Hannula, J. Jonsson, 36.27)
    Worg (Chernstrom, Eckerman, 37.16)
    Hernqvist (Bremberg, Davidsson, 57.59, b.)
    Hannula (Johansson, 59.44, b.)
    GoalsBalastik (Rosa, Paid, 33.22, b.)
    February 10 , 2007
    Czech5: 0 Finland
    Cohn (Bednarge, Straka, 0.54)
    Straka (Gamr, Cohn, b.)
    Dew (Gamr, Balashtik, 35.00, b.)
    Gradina (Rosa, 41.18)
    Irgl (60.00)
    February 10 , 2007
    Sweden6: 2 Russia
    Magn. Johansson (J. Jensson, Hannulah, 2.25, b.)
    Turnberg (Mortensson, Emwall, 7.16, b.)
    Bremberg (Davidsson, Turnstrom, 23.00, m.)
    Fernholm (J. Jensson, Magn. Johansson, 45.03, b.)
    Davidsson (Bremberg, Hernquist, 45.53)
    Mortensson (C. Jensson, 54.33, m.)
    GoalsKulemin (Skates, Kondratiev, 26.52)
    Happy (Booth, Skates, 04/28)
    February 11 , 2007
    Russia3: 2 (shootouts) Czech
    Kuryanov (Mozyakin, 33.26)
    Kulemin (Nepryaev, Konkov, 48.28)
    Bykov (decisive bullet, 65.00)
    GoalsPoor Bednage (Straka, 21.34)
    Paid (Irgl, 26.43, b.), 1: 2
    February 11 , 2007
    Sweden1-0 Finland
    Mortensson (C. Jensson, Emwall, 38.08, b.)Goals


    • Top scorer - Bremberg, Davidsson (both Sweden) - 4 (1 + 3)
    • Best goalkeeper - Marek Pinz (Czech Republic)
    • Best Defender - Kenny Yunsson (Sweden)
    • Best Forward - Fredrik Bremberg (Sweden)

    3rd Place Matches

    April 19 , 2007
    Finland1-0 Czech
    Kontiola (00.22)Goals
    April 22 , 2007
    Czech2: 0 FROM Finland
    Sikora (38.07)
    Glinka (63.30)


    April 19 , 2007
    Sweden3: 2 Russia
    Steen (Monsson, Backstrom, 30.58)
    Davidsson (Bremberg, Wallin, 47.15)
    Jergen Jensson (Turnberg, 55.35)
    GoalsMikhnov (Happy, 23.54)
    Happy (Mozyakin, Kharitonov, 52.27)
    April 21 , 2007
    Russia2: 4 Sweden
    Mozyakin (29.00)
    Morozov (Zinoviev, 43.46)
    GoalsBremberg (Hernquist, 6.01)
    Davidsson (28.40)
    Steen (40:42)
    Turnberg (Mortensson, 59.36)

    Eurotour 2006/2007 Results